Matt Yeager

"This is the Best Gym in Town!"

Matt Yeager

I could write a book about how this is the best gym in town! From day 1, it was and has been a welcoming environment! I’ve tried the planet fitness and ESAC/O2 fitness route and I’ll tell you it just isn’t the same! The workouts are different everyday and challenge you consistently, day in and day out! Personally I’ve lost 36lbs, gained 3.1 lbs in muscle mass and cut my body fat by more than half to 16% in just 6 months since joining! I’ve also gained a ton of knowledge about fitness and nutrition! Not only have I had those personal gains but the 8am crew has essentially become a family! CrossFit Sacred Pine is for any and everyone looking to better themselves no matter male or female, out of shape or physically fit, or whether your in your 20s or 70s they welcome you all! The coaches are top notch and willing to work with you based on a your physical capabilities! Matt, Jason, Kim, Betsy, Tim, Corey, Mike, and Marc are truly the best and I know for a fact I wouldn’t be where I’m at today in my Journey without them! Oh and forgot to mention I’ve won a grill!

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