Betsy Jonas

General Manager
Betsy Jonas


  • CF Level 1 2015
  • CF Level 2 2018
  • Precision Nutrition Certification 2020


  • BS Biomedical Technology
  • Immunology w/a Minor in Microbiology
  • University of Vermont


Almost a decade later, Betsy is the epitome of what CrossFit can do for someone. Just look at her arms. OMG! Betsy passion for helping people understand how nutrition and correct movement can help get others in the best shape of their lives led her to coaching in 2015. Her husband and two kids are regular in the sport of fitness as well.

Two years later, Betsy found Crossfit Sacred Pine, and its was love at first wod. Her deep appreciation for the people of Sacred Pine and her embodiment of its values made her the obvious choice for General Manager in the Spring of 2020.

Betsy regularly coaches both the 8am and the Noon class daily, but she also holds us all together, one big happy family.


Which food is the most helpful for increasing bicep size?

Eating biceps helps tremendously with biceps growth, albeit not for the person whose biceps you just ate.

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